[Vacancy]: Business Manager Personnel Needed at Fadel Minerals Nig Ltd

Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

  • Utilize personal resources and company support to carry out trading operations in the agricultural products industry.
  • Creatively achieve stage goals in accordance with the company’s business plan and personal strengths.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills, propose reasonable ideas, and provide suggestions beneficial to the company’s strategic development.
  • Willingness to travel and adapt to different working environments based on project requirements.


  • Familiarity with the trading processes of bulk agricultural products (rubber, palm oil, cocoa beans, sesame, etc., Nigerian resource-based agricultural products). Possess upstream and downstream resources (factories, farms, original product sources from farmers) with practical experience. Annual sales exceeding $2 million USD.
  • Awareness of risk management, ability to prevent contract fraud, ethical risks, and operational risks. Independently conduct due diligence on projects and prepare operational plan reports.
  • Recent work experience must be relevant to bulk trading and should not be less than three years.
  • Bachelor’s degree or above, proficient in office software.

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