[Vacancy]: Warehouse Assistant Needed at VisionSpring

February 28, 2024

Job Description

About Us

  • We are creating access to affordable eyewear, everywhere. A clear vision creates opportunities for increased learning, work, safety, civic participation, and quality of life.
  • As a social enterprise, social change motivates us first. Our focus on sales and revenue targets serves and advances our mission objective—to increase functioning, productivity, and income-earning potential for our low-income consumers by correcting refractive error with eyeglasses.
  • We are working to transform the systemic dysfunction of an optical market that has failed to deliver eyeglasses—a 700-year-old technology—to 2.5 billion consumers in need of vision correction, most of whom live on less than $4 a day.
  • We serve low-income consumers, not as beneficiaries but as customers. Our customers expect a high-quality and affordable product, and they will spend limited discretionary income for the immediate and tangible benefits of vision correction.
  • By selling eyeglasses, we awaken new demand and seed a viable market. By selling new eyeglasses, we are able to serve four times as many people per dollar input than the alternative of donating recycled ones. To efficiently scale, we must deliver each new unit with a lower cost.
  • We run our business on both sales metrics and social impact measures. We exploit a range of organizational forms and practices to get the job done.
  • We believe in scaling our impact, not our organization. We are a lean team of doers


  • Exemplify the Warehouse processes in VisionSpring Nigeria Warehouse
  • Review all incoming shipment paperwork for accuracy (making sure the packing list matches the received goods) and sign off on them.
  • ensure proper storage of these goods according to their organization’s systems and rules.
  • Is responsible for handling shipping, the “picks” or “pack” process: All customer orders must be accurately removed from inventory and prepared for shipment. Because returns based upon inaccuracy or breakage may be expensive, warehouse assistance must be accurate, work quickly, and work in an organized fashion.
  • maintains accurate inventory figures within the warehouse; works with the Warehouse Coordinator to maintain an accurate count on the number and type of goods stored. As with other areas in this position, accuracy is highly valued.
  • The assistant typically works as part of the Warehouse team under the supervision of the Warehouse Coordinator, following various inventory control processes as designed by the company.
  • Works primarily in the warehouse and should be able to move packages weighing 10 – 15kg.


  • Experience managing and improving warehouse data, information, and processes.
  • Actively seek to improve all aspects of the warehouse by streamlining steps.
  • Exceptional ability to conceptualize large-picture projects and foresee challenges and needs to be addressed.
  • Good understanding of all aspects of Warehouse processes
  • Previous experience in warehouse management is essential.
  • Experience working in and maintaining databases using SAP, Microsoft Excel, and others relevant to company processes.
  • Warehouse Management certification is preferred, and we welcome those with B.SC in any related field.


  • Salary based on experience and education in line with VisionSpring salary benchmarking.
  • VisionSpring offers competitive benefits, including health insurance, gratuity funds, and generous vacation/personal time.

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