[Vacancy]: Quality Control Officer Needed at Wangarau Foods

March 1, 2024

Job Description

About Job

Wangaraufoods is looking for a detail-oriented Quality Control Officer whose work is to inspect not just the quality of incoming and outgoing materials or products for a company but also the production procedures, ensuring quality in all goods produced by the company. The Quality Control Officer would on a daily basis ensure that manufactured products meet the specified quality standards set by the organization before being sent to customers.

The ideal candidate has to be someone with an eye for detail, who has an aptitude for math, and who has technical skills.

Responsibilities for Quality Control Inspector 

  • Carry out quality assessment measures of all the products ready to be shipped and incoming raw materials.
  • Inspect products to ensure that they meet quality standards.
  • Reject all the incoming raw materials that fail to meet quality expectations and report the issue to the concerned department at the earliest
  • Monitor production operations to ensure conformance to company specifications.
  • Direct assembly adjustments are needed to ensure operations reflect quality standards.
  • Ensure products meet customer expectations based on company objectives.
  • Communicate the results of inspections and put forward corrective suggestions.
  • Write reports to document deficiencies and errors in products.
  • Take a thorough look at the plans, specifications, and blueprints to understand the product requirements.
  • Resolving quality-related issues by adhering to deadlines.
  • Providing training to the quality assurance team.
  • Recommend improvement measures to the production process to ensure quality control standards are met.
  • Guide the production team about quality control issues to enhance the quality of the product.
  • Monitor customer satisfaction levels.
  • Monitor the production phase at various levels.

Requirements for Quality Control Inspector 

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field is preferred.
  • Must reside in Yaba, Ebute Meta and immediate environs.
  • Proven experience as a quality control inspector in the same industry preferred.
  • Proficient in computer word processing and Microsoft Office applications. 
  • Strong regard for quality assurance according to company standards.
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills. 
  • Good knowledge of industry products and processes.
  • Comfortable standing or walking for long periods.
  • Excellent oral and communication skills.
  • Excellent presentation and reporting skills. 
  • Up-to-date knowledge of federal and industry standards and best practices.
  • Good team player who can work efficiently with minimal supervision.


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