[Vacancy]: Project Post Order Expeditor Needed at Oilserv Limited

Job Description

Job Summary

Provide advice and guidance to key stakeholders on the performance of organizational procedures and processes connected with Project Documents Expediting Manage (materials and supply) orders to ensure that all supplies fit the parameters of the project. This includes maintaining relationships with Suppliers and vendors and ensuring Procured Project Equipment and Materials are produced on time and delivered to the Project site at the intended times for work to commence on schedule. Work to resolve problems with the supplier when they arise. Act as a focal point and play a key role in the communication between engineering, construction, suppliers, and subcontractors. Interact with suppliers and contractors to coordinate timely supply of document deliverables according to schedule.

Job Details

  • Set up and maintain the project Vendor Document Requirement List for suppliers and contractors.
  • Expedite missing and due revisions of vendor and contractor documents.
  • Ensure Vendor Databook is completed and transmitted on time and given to Document Controller to dispatch.
  • Establish current document status on all orders.
  • Maintenance of database of procurement and logistic statistics.
  • Drive the submittal of pre-delivery documentation in a timely manner.
  • Receive and register all Materials Requisition and Purchase Orders.
  • Identify and escalate ongoing supplier/contractor documentation issues to the Procurement Manager
  • Provide detailed updates to the project management on the status of supplier documentation.
  • Provide document expediting support and coordination with the Document Control Department
  • Expedite Supplier’s documentation versus requisition with the assistance of the Project Management Team.
  • Proactive surveillance of supplier progress
  • Read and understand fabrication schedules.
  • Keeps expected dates up-to-date in the expediting system
  • To take the appropriate action with the supplier in the event of delays
  • Drive improvements in Supplier-On-Time Delivery Performance (in full) by prioritizing outstanding supplier documents.
  • Liaise with Procurement Lead, Engineering, and QA/QC and act as a focal point for expediting outstanding Supplier and Contractor Documentation and ensuring it is correctly maintained in the project VDRL.
  • Conduct monthly analysis of supplier documentation performance.
  • Establish bi-weekly and monthly progress interface meetings with the suppliers, and engineering to monitor the progress of production of equipment under production.
  • Represents Expediting in project meetings.
  • Participate in kick-off and progress meetings.
  • Coordinate with the responsible engineering, buyers, inspectors, logistics and material control team
  • Maintain and communicate a look-ahead inspection schedule.
  • Maintain the Expediting and Inspection reports log updated and ensure filing and distribution.
  • Receive and check Expediting and Inspection reports as well as release notes and ensure their dispatch. Inspection reports are transmitted to QC Engineers for review/comments and action follow-up.
  • To act as the project’s representative at the suppliers’ shop for expediting purposes
  • Liaise with the Transit agent for shipment documentation.
  • Keep Buyers, Transit Agents, and the Project Management Team informed of any event (Alert Notices).

Core Organisational functions

  • Manage any conflict of interest that may arise with stakeholders to ensure the objectives of procurement and supply are prioritized.
  • Advise stakeholders on the interpretation of procedures for procurement and supply.
  • Monitor the work of internal stakeholders to ensure that the codes of ethics in procurement and supply are upheld.
  • Advise internal stakeholders on procurement and supply issues that impact the creation and management of financial budgets.
  • Recognize the different behavioral characteristics of individuals and how these differences can shape management styles appropriate to different situations.
  • Motivate and support colleagues and other internal stakeholders to achieve their commitment to the work undertaken in procurement and supply. 
  • Contribute to developing and using documented policies and procedures for the procurement and supply function and ensure their application by colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Analyze the competitive forces and trends that influence markets that the organization and its suppliers and customers operate within
  • Liaise with stakeholders to mitigate the impact of supply chain disruptors on the organization, its customers, and suppliers.
  • Advise stakeholders on key aspects of the corporate social responsibility of the organization when dealing with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders.
  • Operate and promote the use of P2P systems for key processes in procurement and supply.
  • Guide colleagues and other stakeholders and promote the use of ERP or other systems for procurement and supply activities.
  • Provide advice to stakeholders on the use of the different classifications of Incoterms in international logistics.
  • Ensure compliance with legislation and regulations for supplies from international sources.


  • A four-year degree in engineering or science from a Technical College or University is preferred OR an associate degree in engineering technology or science.
  • Membership with relevant professional and regulatory bodies. e.g. CIPS etc.
  • At least 5 years experience in the procurement function specifically in Project document expediting 
  • Hands-on experience with supply chain management software such as SAP, SAGE, etc.
  • Supplier Expediting experience is required. 
  • Preferred candidate will have a broad construction working knowledge, experience shop expediting plant equipment (static and rotating) and construction materials (pipe, fabricated pipe, structural steel, electrical equipment and supplies, pumps) etc. associated with Energy, Industrial, and Infrastructure projects.
  • CIPS – Completed levels 4-5.

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