[Vacancy]: Medical Laboratory Technician Needed at PEPHLA Lab

January 26, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

The medical laboratory scientist role presents an excellent opportunity to join PEPHLA Lab, where knowledge, experience, and skills are rewarded.


  • Taking charge of routine investigation.
  • Producing and testing of vaccines and taking charge of the production of special media for diagnostic work.
  • Organizing training programmes for students and junior staff where required.
  • Identifying of malaria parasites, trypanosomes, spirochetes, and other protozoa by using concentration methods.
  • Preparing anticoagulants used in blood transfusion and carrying out other duties as may be assigned.
  • Treating blocks before cutting, preparation and use of Erlich’s Harries flames and Weigert Haematoxyline.
  • Ensuring that laboratory equipment and glassware are properly sterilized and maintained in good condition.
  • Maintaining stains and cultures; performing biochemical staining and examining fibres for bacteria and other pathogens
  • Preparing butter solutions, fluids, Glemsa’s Leishman’s stains and preserving parasites and arthropods vectors.
  • Carrying out declassification and preparation of paraffin.
  • Analysing urine and cerebrum spinal fluid, quantitative estimation of any lass, glucose.
  • Collecting, examining, and analysing specimen from patients to provide the information required by Medical Officer for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Preparing chemical solutions, reagents, microscope slides and culture media for laboratory tests.
  • Caring for and maintaining laboratory equipment
  • Carrying out microscopic examination of specimen for pathogens.
  • Analysing body fluids, classifying, and processing blood to determine types and to separate satin from blood cells.


  • Minimum of HND in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Lab Technology, Instrument Technology
  • Valid MLSCN Practising Licence
  • 2+ years post NYSC proven experience as a Laboratory Technician
  • Must be exceptionally computer literate
  • Must have good soft skills including but not limited to paying attention to details, ability to work with little or no supervision, Teamwork, Leadership, Initiative, resourcefulness, adaptability, decisiveness, interpersonal skills, written and oral communication

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