[Vacancy]: IT Contractor Needed at Nutrition International

March 11, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Overall Purpose / Broad Function

The outsourced IT service provider is responsible for the effective and efficient support of staff (currently <15 in its Nigeria office by ensuring the proper usage and stewardship of laptops, printers, network devices, software, and any other IT-related equipment. The provider will be responsible for the implementation of upgrades, and updates as designed by NI IT MSP, and staff. The provider will also be ensuring routine maintenances both corrective and preventive, the troubleshooting of malfunctioning software and hardware as well as providing end-users training as required. The IT provider will advise the NI Nigeria office staff about all required improvements in the NI systems as well as supporting the Nigeria Finance Manager on the inventory and renewal of various licenses and IT equipment

Requested Services and Tasks

The outsourced IT service provider will provide a qualified  IT  Engineer/Specialist in the NI office 3 days per week (Monday to Friday excluding National holidays) for a minimum of 5 hours per day to respond to NI needs. The provider will also have internal technical capacities to escalate any technical challenges within its own structure to find proper solutions.

The IT engineer/specialist should remain reachable for emergency purposes at any moment during business hours (8:00 AM to 5 PM) during the week.

Responsibilities include the following tasks and services but are not limited to:

  • Support NI staff on all encountered IT challenges in the usage of its IT systems.
  • Assist during the processes of onboarding and offboarding of NI staff.
  • Support NI Nigeria staff as the first point of contact in resolving hardware and software issues and escalate issue to the Regional IT Officer, Africa as required.
  • Set up and configure all new and replacement laptops, desktops, smartphones, and printers for NI staff.
  • Liaise with other external service providers to troubleshoot any problems related to the internet, telephone system, the fax and the electric systems.
  • Assist in the tracking of NI Nigeria IT assets (hardware and software) in both inventory and lifecycle purposes.
  • To deploy, set up, and install applications required for running laptop. These
  • applications are the operating systems, required drivers, and any specific applications like printers & NI resources.
  • Manage and maintain the various applications’ performance and advise on optimal atrisk applications.
  • Corrective maintenance – correcting scenarios that cause hindrances in the normal functioning of IT infrastructure.
  • Preventive maintenance – maintenance of all computer hardware to prevent  quick wear and tear (blowing, cleaning, static discharge, etc.)
  • Providing secure access to the network for remote users.
  • On a quarterly basis test and evaluate the NI backup systems including:
    • Data disaster/ recovery systems.
    • Electrical backup systems.
  • Ensure all operating systems clients and servers’ (where available) updates are applied correctly.
  • Ensure all antivirus and other antimalware programs are up to date and active on all computers.
  • Ensuring that software licensing laws are adhered to where possible. 
  • Provide monthly reports on IT support services health, ongoing tasks, completed tasks, risk identification, and mitigation measures, upcoming milestones and
  • releases, and action items across different application areas.
  • Coach staff in using hardware and software more effectively and efficiently including ensuring new staff are briefed on the use of the NI’s IT systems.
  • On a quarterly basis, clean and blow out dust from IT equipment such as monitors, desktops, laptops, keyboards, and printers.
  • Work closely with the Regional IT Officer, Africa to apply any requested modification in the NI Nigeria IT network or equipment.
  • Ensure that server room equipment remains secure as well as the NI Nigeria network.
  • Followup to ensure that the warranties are applied and privileged where a repair is required.
  • Followup to ensure that licenses are applied for operating systems, antivirus systems, and other software as well as Cisco SMARTnets are renewed in time.
  • Ensure each staff has his/her OneDrive setup as required so that backups are including users’ files in the daily backup jobs.
  • Track laptop warranties and report expired warranties for renewal or disposal

Scope of work (services)

All tasks and services performed by the outsourced IT service provider will be within NI Nigeria office. Troubleshooting and implementations affecting the Servers and the network should be
performed upon NI Ottawa’s approval. The outsourced IT service provider will work closely with NI Africa Regional Officer who will advise about what modifications are required within the network and when these modifications are required. The outsourced IT service provider should ensure about the compliancy of NI Nigeria IT network when integrated within the global NI IT network.

Duration of assignment

Definition of the severity level Maximum
level 1
An error with respect to a Business
Critical System where more than one
End User is affected and there is no
reasonable workaround.
30 minutes 2 hours
level 2
An error with respect to a Non-Business
Critical System where one user is
affected and there is no reasonable
30 minutes 4 hours
level 3
A Service Request that is not a Severity
1 or 2. Examples of a Severity 3 include,
without limitation, installation of new
desktop, printing problems where a
the temporary workaround has been put in
place, or installation of supported
software for a single End-user
30 minutes 01 business


The duration of the contract for this assignment is anticipated to run for a period of twelve (12) months commencing on the date of signing the contract. The renewal of the contract will be
subject to a performance evaluation upon each year of service


The proposals must include details with respect to the technical capabilities and certifications of  key staff who will be assigned to this contract, including onsite staff and senior technical  resources

Assigned technician. 

The service provider is limited to at most 3 technician changes in a year and must always inform NI  prior to giving 1 month’s notice to provide room for handover. NI reserves the right to accept an assigned technician depending of the assessment of his/her readiness  and qualifications

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