[Vacancy]: Full Stack Developer Needed at Allcast Nigeria

April 26, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

About Job

We are recruiting software engineers who are capable of working on both the front-end and back-end portions of web applications. They handle the entire software development lifecycle, from concept and design right through to implementation, testing, and deployment.

Technical Skills

Front-End Technologies:

  • Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Frameworks/Libraries: Angular, React, Vue.js
  • Responsive Design: Techniques to ensure websites function well on different devices (e.g., mobiles, tablets)

Back-End Technologies:

  • Programming Languages: Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, .NET, Node.js
  • Database Management: SQL (like MySQL, PostgreSQL), NoSQL (like MongoDB, Cassandra)
  • Server, APIs, and Middleware: Understanding of RESTful services, SOAP, API design

Other Essential Skills:

  • Version Control Systems: Proficiency in Git to manage code revisions.
  • Development and Deployment Environments: Familiarity with containerization (Docker), continuous integration (CI), and continuous deployment (CD) practices.
  • Security Compliance: Knowledge of cybersecurity best practices to protect data and manage vulnerabilities.


  • Design and Architecture: Plan and design the structure of a technology solution.
  • Coding and Development: Write code for both the server side and client side.
  • Testing: Develop automated tests, perform debugging, and refine solutions based on feedback.
  • Deployment: Oversee and handle the deployment of new releases and updates.
  • Maintenance: Regular updates and maintenance of software to ensure it remains responsive and efficient.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Work with other team members including front-end developers, back-end developers, project managers, and others to ensure a seamless and high-quality output.

Career Path

  • Mid-Level Developer: Greater responsibility including full feature development and beginning to lead certain projects.
  • Senior Developer: High level of responsibility over architecture and strategic decision-making, mentoring juniors.

Work Environment

  • Full Stack Developers can work in a variety of environments including onsite hybrid and remote.
  • Work as part of a team that might include other developers, UX/UI designers, and project managers.
  • This role can be performed in-office, remotely, or in a hybrid

This role is integral to the technology team and are highly valued for their versatility and broad knowledge across different layers of development. They need to continuously update their skills due to the fast-evolving nature of web technologies.

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