[Vacancy]: Database Management, Geographical Information Systems & Data Visualization Intern Needed at FHI 360

Job Description

Job Summary:

  • Under the supervision of the Senior Technical Advisor, Data Management, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) & Data Visualization, the Database Management, GIS & Data Visualization Intern will assist in the day-to-day operations of data processing. S/he will support the planning, maintenance, and development of FHI 360 databases and GIS. Other responsibilities include the design and creation of spatial products, including maps, digital data, reports, and statistics.
  • The application design includes web, desktop, and mobile applications.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Support data management tasks like handling records and queries.
  • Assist in ensuring the security and confidentiality of client-level data.
  • Assist in monitoring compliance with confidentiality policies.
  • Assist with hardware and software management.
  • Support preparation of project results and articles for presentation.
  • Assist in developing and updating user guides and SOPs.
  • Assist in ensuring the quality of data feeds and processing.
  • Assist in determining GIS requirements and creating maps and datasets.
  • Maintain GIS data storage structures and tools.
  • Assist in writing formal metadata documentation for GIS data.
  • Develop web and mobile GIS applications.
  • Work on special GIS projects in a team environment.
  • Perform other assigned duties.

Knowledge, Skills & Attributes:

  • MS SQL Server Administration, Power BI, District Health Information System (DHIS2) Windows NT and Office Administration and Management, Relational database design and analysis, SQL and MS Access/Excel programming skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to independently complete assigned tasks, train, and facilitate learning and professional development among colleagues.
  • Basic Knowledge and experience in project-level or state/national-level monitoring and evaluation system implementation.
  • Communicate effectively with all levels of personnel on hardware and software needs.
  • Knowledge and expertise in using GIS software such as ArcGIS 9.x equivalent at a moderate level of complexity.
  • Knowledge of geographic information system concepts and management.
  • Ability to perform spatial analysis of moderate difficulty and present results in a clear and comprehensible way, either orally or as written reports.
  • Perform detail-oriented work with a high level of accuracy.
  • Excellent written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills with the ability to work as a team member.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • B.Sc./BA degree in Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science, or its recognized equivalent with 1-3 years of post-NYSC work experience.
  • Strong background in geospatial and health information systems (GIS) and/or database management is required.

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