[VACANCY] Statistical Consulting Internship

Statistical Consulting Internship
Statistical consulting is the most challenging and most rewarding part of statistics. A consultant uses the art and science of statistics to solve a practical problem. Problems come from many different fields – community development, marketing, manufacturing, public health, agriculture, or education, but many of us specialize in just a few application areas. Some consultants work at universities or public health agencies, some work in industry, and many run their own business.

This remote statistical internship programme will help you develop skills that cover the whole range of the steps in the statistical consulting process: communication and managing client sessions, applying appropriate statistical techniques, interpreting results and communicating the findings in clear, non-mathematical terms. The hands-on exercises comprise real-life datasets from industry, healthcare and government. Therefore, it serves as a model for your analysis in this programme.
Application Deadline: August 19, 2023.

Questions and Enquiries
Need advice on which programme to take or to discuss any specific requirements? Send a mail to: programmes@datavillegroup.com specifying your goals and background and one of our consultants will provide some suggestions within 24-48 hours.

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