[Vacancy] Strategy Consulting Manager Needed.


You are responsible for providing administrative and operational support to the consulting team, from ensuring documentation meets the standards of the firm before they reach clients to assisting the COO on projects of VIP clients and working closely with your colleagues to ensure that the work we do for clients is delivered on time and to the high standards that clients expect.

You are responsible for ensuring that the consulting services delivered to our clients are of the highest quality.

You will support in maintaining the firm’s reputation for excellence by overseeing the quality control process for all client deliverables.

You will work closely with the COO to ensure that all client deliverables meet our high accuracy, completeness, and quality standards. Responsibilities:

  • Support and assist the COO in firm and client business dealings as and when required.
  • Assist the consulting team in preparing and delivering client presentations and reports.
  • Conduct research and data analysis to support the development of client recommendations. 
  • Collaborate with team members to develop project plans tailored to the client’s specific needs.
  • Provide general administrative support, such as scheduling meetings, sending emails, writing up meeting minutes, and other tasks as needed. 
  • Provide general managerial support such as delegating tasks to colleagues and reviewing and editing documentation and presentations.
  • Assist with proposal development and other business development activities  Develop and maintain project management tools and templates
  • Develop custom templates and documentation for individual clients and projects  Support business development of the firm by assisting with development, preparing materials, and other activities as needed
  • Liaise with high-level clients and deliver the needs they require
  • Assist in hiring and onboarding new employees with presentations and talks Plan, prepare, and at times deliver virtual training to client employees
  • Multitasking and working across various clients, industries, and businesses.
  • Develop and implement quality control procedures for all client deliverables, including presentations, monthly reports, research documents, and other materials – This includes creating checklists, developing templates, and or conducting peer reviews
  • Work closely with the COO and colleagues to ensure that all client deliverables are accurate, complete and meet the firm’s high standards for quality
  • Review client deliverables and ensure they adhere to company standards and clients’ expectations, which include reviewing client feedback, making revisions on documents, implementing changes highlighted by clients
  • Identify and provide feedback to colleagues on areas for improvement in documents and in the work that they do for clients, which will include one-to-one reviews, editing documents, and providing recommendations.
  • Ensure changes and edits are implemented
  • Assist in the development of training programs for clients which includes identifying training needs, developing training materials such as presentations and research, and conducting training sessions.
  • Industry Insight – Keep updated with what’s happening across various industries to ensure clients receive up-to-date information and recommendations.
  • Research and development of ideas from end to end

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