[Vacancy]: Station Shift Supervisors Needed at JohnDavids Group

Job Description


The job holder will be responsible for supervising the day-to-day transactions of the petrol station, supermarket, and other activities within the petrol station.


  1. Managing day-to-day transactions of the petrol station, supermarket and other activities within the petrol station.
  2. Improve sales, liaise with Depot Representatives to get the delivery of products.
  3. Should be able to multitask working with the manager, pump attendants, and Depot reps at the same time for more efficiency on the job.
  4. Create a work schedule for attendants to follow, seeing to it that they adhere strictly to their shifts and execute disciplinary actions to members of attendants who are absent on their shifts and duty posts to promote seriousness among attendants.
  5. Visit competing petrol stations to get information relating to products, prices, and services and implement details of useful findings in the station to improve the quality of service delivery.
  6. Handle customers’ complaints and returns in a cordial manner, creating mutual benefits and implementing customers’ suggestions on how to tender better services in the station.
  7. Provide excellent customer service for sales growth
  8. Evaluate the performance of each attendant and provide appropriate feedback to the manager
  9. Perform and monitor haulage, inventory control to avoid shortages of product as well as stealing.


  • Proximity to the station location is very important (Station is located at Ago Palace way, Okota Lagos)

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