[Vacancy]: Software Developer Needed at Fosad Consulting

May 6, 2024

Job Description

Job Summary

Drive the company’s vision by ensuring the availability, protection and performance of all applications & application servers in the organization


  • Designing, Implementing, and Supporting of company’s Applications & Application Servers.
  • Work with technology operations to implement, configure, and deploy new applications and application servers, including the installation of application schemas into databases
  • Deliver 2nd-level support to resolve daily issues with respect to the availability of applications and application servers.
  • Capacity planning and re-configuration of all application servers in the operating environment and advice the team on actions to ensure continued performance and availability on an ongoing basis.
  • Implement and verify the correct and continuous functioning of backup, disaster recovery, and security policies for all applications & application server log and configuration files in the operating environment.
  • Application/Application Server Upgrades and Maintenance
  • Update operational application servers as required in order to meet security, performance, availability, and capacity goals for all company services on an ongoing basis.
  • Participate in and certify upgrades and patches of the applications and application servers in the company’s Operating Environment.
  • Certify proof of concepts during evaluation for the purchase of new applications/application servers for all company’s services.
  • Implement security policies on operational applications and application servers as prescribed by the Information Security personnel on an ongoing basis.


  • Must possess a first degree in computer science or related field.
  • Must have At least 5 years of experience as a Java and alternative software service developer.
  • Must demonstrate a good understanding of document security.
  • Strong background in development, online, and in solution provisioning.
  • Experience with support computing.
  • Software development background, experience with continuous integration and testing.
  • Knowledge of Technology Risk as pertains to data storage knowledge.


  • Analyzing Information.
  • General Programming Skills.
  • Software Design.
  • Software Debugging.
  • Software Documentation.
  • Software Testing.
  • Problem-Solving

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