[Vacancy]: Risk Management Officer Needed at VFD Group

April 11, 2024

Job Description

About the job

Responsible for managing and monitoring all aspects of risk in the organization. Define the risk and audit universe for the bank guiding activities of the department. Act as a technical resource in the product definition/creation process. Implement a risk management system


  • Plan, design, and implement an overall risk management process/framework for the Bank and develop risk management systems, including relevant models.
  • Establish and maintain risk governance systems and structures
  • Conduct risk assessments, which involves analyzing risks as well as identifying, describing, and estimating the risks affecting the business
  • Evaluate risk, which involves comparing estimated risks with criteria established by the organization such as costs, legal requirements, and environmental factors, and evaluate previous handling of risks
  • Articulate a rationale risk appetite and develop strategies to measure and mitigate identified risks appropriately
  • Create and improve tools for identifying, measuring, monitoring, controlling, and reporting risks
  • Proactively provide risk management advice, identify emerging risks, and provide advice on appropriate risk management decisions
  • Monitor key existing/emerging risks (including but not limited to credit, market, liquidity, operational, financial and compliance risks)
  • Report risk in an appropriate way for different audiences, for example, to the board of directors so they understand the most significant risks, to business heads to ensure they are aware of risks relevant to their parts of the business, and to individuals to understand their accountability for individual risks
  • Anticipate issues, identify solutions, and provide clear guidance to enable the organization to meet its corporate governance obligations
  • Carry out processes such as purchasing insurance, implementing health and safety measures, and making 2 business continuity plans to limit risks and prepare for if things go wrong
  • Prepare internal capital adequacy and assessment process report
  • Provide support, education, and training to staff to build risk awareness within the organization


  • First degree or its equivalent in a numerate discipline (Accounting, Economics, Finance, etc)
  • Minimum Experience of 4-5 years relevant experience of which at least two (2) years must have been spent in a similar role in the financial services industry
  • Knowledge of corporate governance practices
  • Knowledge of finance, accounting, budgeting, and cost control principles
  • Understanding of key financial risk principles (credit risk, market risk, operational risk, etc.)
  • Ability to analyze financial data
  • In-depth understanding of the organization’s business issues
  • Knowledge of the regulatory environment and key regulatory issues
  • Knowledge of enterprise risk management
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Good report writing and analytical skills
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite & the internet
  • Very good knowledge and understanding of credit processing and policies.
  • Understanding of E-Business practices
  • Relevant professional certification will be an added advantage

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