[Vacancy]: Pharmacy Technician Needed at Healthrite Pharmacy

March 8, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description


  • Dispensing Medications: Fill prescriptions accurately and efficiently, ensuring that patients receive the correct medications in the correct dosage and form.
  • Patient Counseling: Provide medication counseling to patients, including instructions on proper use, potential side effects, and drug interactions. Answer patient questions and address concerns.
  • Medication Management: Collaborate with healthcare providers to optimize medication therapy, monitor patient adherence, and adjust drug regimens as needed.
  • Drug Information: Serve as a drug information resource for healthcare professionals and patients, providing evidence-based information on medication use, dosing, and safety.
  • Medication Safety: Ensure medication safety by reviewing prescriptions for accuracy, identifying potential errors or contraindications, and participating in medication error reporting and prevention initiatives.


  • HND in Pharmaceutical Technology.
  • Available to resume immediately
  • Should be conversant with community pharmacy and inventory.

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