[Vacancy]: Pharmacist Needed at Premiere Urgence Internationale (PUI)

April 9, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description


Data Collection, Treatment and Analysis:

  • Monthly supervise the data collection (in / out, consumption) of bases and Health Centres and their data entry
  • Ensure delivery of drugs and supplies to various sites/ facilities and appropriate use of the management document (inventory records, delivery notes, computer tools, etc.)
  • Ensure first aid kits/pep kits are refilled
  • Be able to provide at any given time reliable information on stock, consumption, use of medicines and health products for each project

Supply Management of Bases Health Facilities:

  • Collaborate with the supply chain department to ensure the good delivery and receipt of goods and the quality control of drugs received
  • Inform logistics and medical services in the event of non-compliance
  • Participate in the preparation, distribution, planning, transport, and delivery from central stock to bases
  • Inform in advance and work with the logistics department for the organization of transport of drugs to bases

Stocks Management:

  • Participate in the monthly physical inventory and conduct random checking. In case of discrepancies between physical inventory and theoretical stock, investigate and inform the Mission Pharmacist
  • Ensure proper storage (especially conditions of temperature, humidity, light, and safety), order (storage, classification, labeling), and security (key access) according to the PUI Pharmacy procedures
  • Ensure that storage conditions are in line with national legislation, in particular for narcotic and psychoactive drugs
  • Monitor stock management of the base pharmacies and health facilities (in collaboration with project managers)
  • Ensure the understanding and application of pharmaceutical storage procedures and tools used at the base level and health facilities supported
  • Supervise the stock management of particular pharmacies (vehicles, first aid kits, etc..).
  • Inform the Mission Pharmacist in case of irrational consumption
  • Ensure that expired or damaged items are properly collected from the bases and put in quarantine
  • Participate in the preparation of donations/loans/exchanges with the Mission Pharmacist

Capacity Building and Training:

  • Participate in the training and technical support to the Base Pharmacists and/or Pharmacy Assistants, and the staff in charge of pharmacies at PHCC and ORPs: stock management, rational use, substitution, analysis of consumption of health facilities
  • Train all staff working in the pharmacy aspect on the rational use of drugs and proper Pharmaceutical waste management
  • Strengthen the capacity of health facilities teams, so that they can assume their duties independently and can be critical in terms of consumption

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