[Vacancy]: Medical Officer Needed at Ciuci Consulting

May 3, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Respond to patients’ medical concerns through a comprehensive approach, involving a review of their medical history, conducting diagnoses, administering treatment, providing counseling, and making referrals as needed.
  • Request and interpret lab tests to obtain valuable insights from the results.
  • Carry out emergency medical care when required.
  • Manage both acute and chronic care for patients.
  • Provide guidance to patients and their families on healthcare matters, encompassing health promotion, disease prevention, accident prevention, and lifestyle considerations.
  • Coordinate primary patient care and oversee home health care services.
  • Ensure the maintenance of confidentiality and impartiality in all interactions.
  • Gather, document, and manage sensitive patient information, including examination results, medical history, and reports.
  • Carry out minor surgical procedures and assist in major surgeries.
  • Carry out procedures or prescribe treatments clearly to patients.
  • Ensuring patients are comfortable, explaining procedures, and positioning patients and equipment correctly.
  • Engage in discussions and assessments of new pharmaceutical products with pharmaceutical representatives.
  • Stay current with medical advancements, treatment practices, and medications.


  • Candidate must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery.
  • Candidate must possess a license to practice medicine from the Nigerian Medical Association of Nigeria.
  • Candidate must have at least 3-5 years post-NYSC experience as a Medical Officer.
  • Candidates must be Knowledgeable in General Medicine and other related areas of medical practice.
  • Candidate must possess strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Candidate must possess strong listening skills and problem-solving skills.

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