[Vacancy]: Marine Methods Engineer Needed at SPIE Oil & Gas Services

March 4, 2024

Job Description

Job description

  • Work closely with Erha Operations Management to manage the marine maintenance requirements of all associated equipment. Offshore Marine Operations (Equipment availability, spare availability, and personnel requirements)
  • Manage preservation and functional checks on the mooring package.
  • Manage the Hawser assembly survey and replacement.
  • Manage all equipment on the buoy, especially the loading, swivel quick connect hook etc.
  • Support Erha to meet all marine operational needs.
  • Lead in engineering upgrades and standardization of equipment.
  • Liaise with OEMs to resolve equipment malfunction issues as they occur.
  • Analyze the results of condition monitoring data to implement equipment operational and maintenance strategy in line with company policy.
  • Lead in marine equipment maintenance and certification.
  • Prepare a work pack for an overhaul of Topside Marine Equipment.
  • Manage maintenance on offloading hoses string requirement and mooring system.
  • Maintain spare parts inventory and stock requirements for marine operations.
  • Champion maintenance analysis of planned and preventive maintenance.
  • Prepare maintenance reports to support top management decisions in investment maintenance policy.
  • Work closely with the procurement team to resolve technical issues surrounding spare part clarification from vendors concerning all marine spares.
  • Responsible for the updating of the maintenance plans, which involve procedures drafting, drawing issuance, study performance, spare parts identification reviews, tool reviews, documentation filing, binding, or data capture in computerized systems.
  • Support the Offshore Marine Operations team as requested in areas of their own specialty, including drafting working procedures, and maintenance programmes, and providing associated logistic support. As instructed, he develops maintenance methods and tools in his own area of competence, analyses the works and practices, and suggests ways of optimization.
  • Performs technical studies in view of improving performance or upgrading the marine facilities.
  • Follows up on the technical problems raised, follows up on the technical and contractual files, as instructed, follows up the warranty claims and the implementation of the corrective actions.
  • Performs equipment performance analysis; develops and puts in place enhanced condition monitoring programs.
  • Follows up the day-to-day activities of the offshore teams; remains available to provide them the assistance and support as needed.
  • Pays regular visits to the offshore site and participates in the jobs as required; may be involved in operational works including major shutdowns.
  • Provides assistance and logistic support as required for the provision of resources: vendors, additional manpower, services, tools, spare parts, consumables and other materials.


  • A marine engineer with extensive experience in FPSO maintenance.
  • Experience in planning and scheduling maintenance activities and campaigns essential.
  • Knowledge of the DNV classification is essential.
  • Good knowledge of SAP is a benefit.
  • Ability to work on their own or in a team.
  • Management or supervisory experience is beneficial.

Minimum level of experience required

  • 10 years or more

Required authorisations

  • STCW Class 1 or equivalent

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