[Vacancy]: HR/Admin Manager Needed at Falcon Aerospace

February 7, 2024

Job Description


Human Resource Management:

  • Develop and implement HR policies and procedures in line with local and global regulations.
  • Conduct onboarding, training, and development programs to foster a positive workplace culture.
  • Manage employee relations, addressing concerns and promoting a collaborative work environment.
  • Manage HRMS including onboarding all staff, leave management system, payroll, performance management and trainings & ensure efficiency
  • Oversee recruitment processes, ensuring the acquisition of top talent for diverse roles.

Administrative Operations:

  • Streamline and optimize administrative processes for efficiency.
  • Coordinate office logistics, including facilities management and supplies procurement.
  • Oversee travel arrangements and accommodations for employees.

Compliance and Global HR Strategy:

  • Ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations in Nigeria and other international locations.
  • Contribute to the development and execution of a global HR strategy.

Talent Retention and Engagement:

  • Implement strategies to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Develop and execute retention programs to foster a positive work culture.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a related field.
  • HR certification (e.g., ACIPM, SHRM) is required.
  • Proven experience in HR and administrative roles, ideally in a multinational setting. 3 – 5 years
  • Familiarity with Nigerian labor laws and global HR practices.
  • Strong understanding of HR principles and practices.
  • Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities.
  • A self stater
  • Effective communication skills for collaboration with diverse teams.
  • Ability to handle sensitive employee matters with confidentiality
  • Experience working with diverse cultures and understanding global HR challenges.
  • Ability to adapt HR strategies to suit local and global contexts.
  • Proactive problem-solving skills to address HR and administrative challenges.

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