[Vacancy]: Head of Mission Support Needed at Medecins Sans Frontieres

February 20, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Accountabilities / Responsibilities

  • Supporting the HoM in promoting and protecting the MSF image externally and assisting in context analysis, disseminating relevant context information to the coordination team, regularly informing them on key issues, updating general information on the context for MSF internal documents and advising on cultural appropriateness of organized activities and individual behaviors.
  • Analyzing the risks and the security level of the context of the mission and assisting in conducting risk assessments and in the development, security plans for the mission and project. Advising the PC and HoM on aspects of security management.
  • Establishing and maintaining external relationships with relevant authorities and stakeholders. Keeping good knowledge of counterparts in different administrations and departments and keeping up-to-date records of field contacts (other NGOs, UN agencies, local authorities, etc.) verifying that they are easily accessible, to facilitate contacts and meetings.
  • At the request of the Head of Mission, assisting the HoM or representing MSF in meetings (NGOs, official bodies and administrations, etc.) and preparing full reports.
  • Ensuring the follow-up of relevant administrative dossiers such as the MSF registration in the country, working permits, immigration policies, national protocols, etc.
  • At the request of the HoM, preparing and conducting an information briefing, focusing on the country context for International Regional and Relocated Staff.
  • Guide and facilitate the management of MSF information and essential records and documents by the mission team, following MSF policies and guidelines.
  • Translating sensitive documents and acting as an interpreter when needed. Writing letters and correspondences with officials and partners and preparing reports, internal memos and formal requests. Monitoring the correspondence in the absence of the HoM.
  • Assisting in the elaboration of the advocacy plan of the mission in collaboration with the PC, MedCo, and the Communications responsible and supporting its implementation and follow-up.
  • In collaboration with the WaCA Asso Dynamic Manger, stimulates and develops the Association Dynamics by helping the MSF WaCA Association members to be linked with the Medico-Humanitarian Operations of MSF.

Required Skills and Competencies

  • University degree or similar level of education.
  • Experience: Humanitarian aid preferably within MSF.
  • A strong understanding of the workings of the different administrations of the country is required.
  • Working in political, communications, security, and humanitarian contexts in the country.
  • Languages: English and French.
  • Knowledge: Computer proficiency in MS Word, excel, internet, etc.
  • Networking and Negotiating skills are required, Good analytical and writing skills, and
  • Excellent communication and diplomatic skills.
  • Competencies: Security and context analytical thinking, Dynamic and able to cope with stress, people management and development, commitment to MSF, Behavioral flexibility, result and quality orientation, and Teamwork, and Cooperation.


According to the MSFW salary scale (Level 9) in Nigeria

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