[Vacancy]: Fleet Supervisor/Storekeeper Needed at International Breweries

March 8, 2024

Job Description

About Job

The key purpose of this role is to primarily responsible for managing the logistics fleet (Trucks, Forklifts, Sweepers) to ensure satisfactory product delivery to customers.

Key roles and responsibilities:

Legislation and Company Requirements

  • Oversee and manage compliance with fleet-related legislation within the responsible brewery/depot operations, in accordance with the Road Traffic Act (RTA).
  • Conduct daily, stringent inspections of the brewery/depot fleet for compliance with legal and company requirements
  • Maintain and archive records and documentation as per company and legal requirements, including maintenance job cards, licensing history, and pre-trip inspections
  • Adherence to and maintenance of site housekeeping standards
  • Full implementation and adherence to DPO/VPO pillars and protocols and incorporation of safety guidelines in all fleet SOP’s.
  • Use problem-solving tools such as 5Why, Abnormality Reports, SIC, OPL’s, RACI’s, OWD’s, PDCA’s etc. to develop action plans to show improvement in PI’s and KPIs” s
  • Ensure adherence to best practice generation process, execute approved projects, and show results evolution
  • Ensure that company and legal stacking regulations are adhered to

Fleet Safety, Health and Environmental Compliance

  • Maintain ongoing communication with brewery/depot management and fleet suppliers on fleet SHE issues to ensure their resolution and future non-occurrence
  • Weekly pre-trip and pre-trip process inspections as well as tracking and resolution management of defects recorded on pre-trip

Master Data

  • Continuously provide current and accurate depot fleet data and information for capture in various systems and reports
  • Conduct fleet audits bi-annually with the Fleet and Safety Team leader to verify the correct use of fleet administrative processes and activation mechanisms and assist in ensuring the accuracy of Fleet Master Data

Cost Management

  • Develop and implement necessary plans to improve performance based on the analysis of the Fleet Manager’s monthly financial report
  • Explore cost control opportunities to reduce spending, i.e. innovations and price negotiations
  • Reporting
  • Submit monthly KPI data as per requirement
  • Assist with data requests from internal and/or external customers.

People Management

  • Ensure that the Shop Floor are aligned in terms of goals and meeting routines to drive continuous improvement;
  • Cascade KPIs and PIs to individual fleet employees, standardize the KPI/PI achievements and monitor individual results
  • Ensures that Monthly one-on-ones are conducted in line with the target review process;
  • Recruitment of talent and building of pipeline.

Warehouse/Store Supervision

  • Cascade all global policies and ensure compliance with them
  • Continuously validate SOPs through management routines by using tools and ensure understanding by all warehouse employees (LnA, SCL, OWD etc.)
  • Ensure and maintain a safe store operation, driving awareness and compliance to all the relevant safety blocks.  Track compliance to all safety related processes in the store.
  • Ensure adherence to store layout
  • Ensure and track ABC compliance to realize warehouse efficiencies

Loading and Unloading Activities

  • Loading instructions are used to load correct quantities of fleet spares
  • GRN all incoming shipments within 24 hours
  • Invoices should be used to receive correct quantities and GRN should be done based on the quantity received

Stock Quality Management

  • Ensure adherence to stock age standards by means of applying stock rotation principles

Inventory Management

  • Accurate daily stock counts, duly signed off with all variances flagged per Inventory Control Policy
  • Accurate weekly stock counts, duly signed off with all variances flagged per Inventory Control Policy
  • Accurate monthly stock counts, duly signed off with all variances flagged per Inventory Control Policy


  • Minimum of B.Sc./ HND in a related field.
  • 2 years experience in Fleet/Store Operations
  • Computer Literate
  • Numeracy and literacy skills
  • Proactive and customer-centric
  • Goal- and result-oriented
  • Self-motivated: Working effectively with little direction
  • Team-oriented: Making the most out of collaboration
  • People Management experiences an advantage

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