[Vacancy]: Facilities / Maintenance Manager Needed at Prime Montessori School

February 9, 2024

Job Description


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Facilities Management, or a related field. Additional certifications in facilities management or a related discipline may be preferred.
  • Experience: Minimum of 1 year of experience in facilities management or maintenance, preferably in an educational or institutional setting. Prior experience in managing a team and overseeing facility operations is advantageous.
  • Technical Knowledge: Proficiency in building systems and maintenance practices, including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and structural systems. Familiarity with safety regulations and building codes is essential.
  • Leadership Skills: Strong leadership and management skills to effectively supervise a team of maintenance staff, contractors, and vendors. Ability to delegate tasks, provide guidance, and motivate team members to achieve goals.
  • Problem-Solving Abilities: Excellent problem-solving skills to identify and resolve facility-related issues efficiently. Capacity to troubleshoot equipment malfunctions, structural problems, and maintenance challenges as they arise.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication skills, both verbal and written, to interact with staff, administrators, vendors, and external stakeholders. Ability to convey technical information clearly and facilitate productive discussions.
  • Organizational Skills: Strong organizational skills to plan and prioritize maintenance activities, allocate resources effectively, and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Attention to detail and the ability to maintain accurate records are crucial.
  • Budget Management: Experience in budget development and management to oversee facility-related expenses, track costs, and ensure adherence to budgetary constraints.
  • Customer Service Orientation: Commitment to providing excellent customer service to students, staff, and visitors by maintaining a safe, clean, and functional environment conducive to learning and productivity.


  • Facility Maintenance: Oversee the maintenance and repair of school facilities, including buildings, grounds, and equipment. Coordinate preventive maintenance programs and respond promptly to maintenance requests and emergencies.
  • Supervision: Supervise and train maintenance staff, contractors, and vendors to ensure that work is performed safely, efficiently, and according to established standards and procedures.
  • Safety Compliance: Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, building codes, and environmental standards. Implement and enforce safety protocols, conduct regular inspections, and address safety hazards promptly.
  • Budgeting and Planning: Develop and manage the facilities maintenance budget, including forecasting expenses, tracking costs, and optimizing resource allocation to support the school’s operational needs.
  • Project Management: Plan and oversee facility improvement projects, renovations, and upgrades. Coordinate with contractors, architects, and other stakeholders to ensure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.
  • Procurement and Vendor Management: Procure supplies, equipment, and services necessary for facility maintenance operations. Evaluate vendors, negotiate contracts, and oversee vendor performance to ensure value for money and quality service delivery.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Develop and implement emergency response plans for facility-related emergencies, such as fires, floods, or power outages. Conduct drills, train staff, and coordinate with local authorities to ensure a prompt and effective response.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Promote environmental sustainability initiatives, such as energy conservation, waste reduction, and recycling programs. Implement green building practices and explore opportunities for renewable energy solutions.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborate with school administrators, faculty, and other stakeholders to understand facility needs and priorities. Communicate proactively with the school community regarding maintenance activities, projects, and plans.

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