[Vacancy]: Data Entry & Publicity Assistant Needed at Patabah Books Limited

February 1, 2024

Job Description


The Data Entry & Publicity Assistant will support the activities within the store by ensuring that the website is updated with the latest stock and manage the fulfilment of orders placed via the website.
The Data Entry & Publicity Assistant is also responsible for managing and updating Patabah’s online communication channels, including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp  and the website. The Data Entry & Publicity Assistant will assist clientele and potential authors by responding to their email and social media enquiries.



  • Upload information about stock (mostly books) to the organization’s website and related systems
  • Source / take photographs of the stock items
  • Upload the photographs to the website
  • Enter key stock information to the website
  • Any other closely-related responsibilities


Follow-up on online shopping processes:

  • Follow-up on order fulfillment via the website, email and phone
  • Liaise with Retail Assistants and Manager on orders placed via social media channels as necessary
  • Follow-up on customer, publisher, author and supplier inquiries by email, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and other relevant social media accounts
  • Coordinate logistics of the monthly book reading events
  • Assist in representing the bookshop at book fairs and other outreach events with members of the retail team
  • Post to the official social media accounts daily and respond to inquiries and comments
  • Develop and send email newsletter to go out twice a month
  • Encourage staff to take “behind the scenes” photos and post online (if they can)
  • Encourage visitors to the store to take photos and post pictures of their purchases online


The ideal candidate must be:

  • Possess at least a HND or Bachelors degree
  • Be able to take initiative and work harmoniously within a team
  • Be well-spoken and able to communicate effectively with others in the English language, in both written and oral forms
  • Be highly organized and punctual
  • Extremely comfortable using computers, including familiarity with productivity applications (such as the Microsoft Office Suite) and popular social media platforms (especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress and Mailchimp)
  • Be coachable, curious and interested in learning new skills
  • Comfortable navigating and using the Internet, including searching for information quickly and efficiently

Working Conditions:

  • Work weeks are 5 days weekly (8.30am – 6pm) from Tuesday to Saturday
  • May be required to work longer hours as projects or promotional events demand
  • The job is based in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria and ideally the candidate should live in or very close to Surulere

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