[Vacancy]: Data Analyst Needed at Life-Tree Healthcare Services Ltd

January 26, 2024

Job Description

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Qualification: BA/BSc/HND/SSCE
  • Experience: 2 years
  • Job Field: Software & Data

    Job Summary

    As a Health Data Analyst, you will analyze medical and health data, provide insights and support medical decisions, and provide data support for the company’s success in the health field. This position is designed to support healthcare decision-making through data analysis, providing critical support for the company.

    Job Description/Requirements

    Responsibilities and Tasks:

    • Data Analysis: Utilize advanced analytical tools and techniques to analyze healthcare data to provide insights into patient cases, treatment outcomes, and healthcare resource utilization.
    • Decision support: Assist medical professionals and management in formulating strategic plans and providing decision support based on data analysis.
    • Quality Assessment: Conduct quality assessments of medical services to ensure compliance with medical standards and regulations.
    • Patient process optimization: Analyze patient processes and make improvement suggestions to improve patient experience and medical service efficiency.
    • Medical Research: Assist in medical research projects, analyze research data, and provide support for scientific research.
    • Data Reporting: Produce periodic and ad hoc reports to provide detailed information on health data analysis to internal and external stakeholders.
    • Privacy Protection: Ensure patient privacy and compliance standards are met during data analysis.
    • Collaborative Team: Collaborate with medical professionals, data scientists, and other team members to ensure comprehensive data support.

    Recruitment Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree in healthcare, medicine, biostatistics, or related field.
    • Experience in data analysis and the medical field, familiar with medical data processing and analysis.
    • Excellent communication and reporting skills.Passion and understanding of the healthcare industry.
    • Familiarity with data analysis tools and statistical software.

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