[Vacancy]: Community Liaison Officer Needed at US Embassy

Application deadline closed.

Job Description


The U.S. Embassy in Abuja is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the CLO Coordinator position in the Community Liaison Office.


  • The CLO Coordinator executes morale-enhancing activities under eight Areas of Responsibility (family member employment; crisis management and security; education; communications and outreach; guidance and referral; welcoming, orientation, and departures; community liaison; and events planning). Identifies needs and responds with effective programming, information resources, and referrals.
  • The CLO is a rated ICASS service provider whose base constituency includes all direct-hire employees and family members under the Chief of Mission authority.
  • The CLO Coordinator manages the Community Liaison Office at post by developing action plans that address the needs of the post community while meeting Department of State and ICASS service standards. The incumbent identifies and develops inclusive programs, activities, events, and communication that are aimed at enhancing the morale of the post’s diverse community.
  • The CLO Coordinator develops and implements program Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), after-action reports, and regular program evaluations.
  • The CLO Coordinator identifies partner offices, inside and outside the mission, to establish or maintain a high level of engagement to cover the eight areas of responsibility.
  • The CLO Coordinator serves as a liaison by organizing and facilitating programs that allow the post community to gain knowledge about local (post and in-country) resources, education, employment, and culture.
  • The CLO Coordinator serves as the liaison with the community by participating in Country Team meetings, Emergency Action Committee meetings, Post Employment Committee meetings, and the Inter-Agency Housing Board meetings, as well as meetings of other post councils and committees (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Council, Green Team, etc.) and the employee/recreation association.
  • The CLO Coordinator refers community members to functional offices in Washington, DC, and liaises with the different schools where postchildren attend.
  • CLO also maintains contact with local-based community organizations, such as expat service groups and volunteer organizations.
  • The CLO Coordinator establishes methods to evaluate the success of CLO programs at post, for example through the Community Needs Assessment Survey. The incumbent gathers information at the post, from within the community, host country contacts, and from Washington, DC, and implements a communication channel to manage regular communications and outreach within post community.
  • The CLO Coordinator maintains a database of contacts and resources and serves as rumor control.
  • The CLO Coordinator hosts in-person and virtual community events that cover the categories of (1) U.S. traditions, (2) host country culture, and (3) social, educational, and recreational programs and activities.
  • The CLO Coordinator collects GTM/GCLO data and information for reports that focus on the status of employment, education, demographics, welfare and morale, and activities at the post. GTM/CLO uses these reports to inform and guide broader advocacy. CLO upholds the highest standard of confidentiality. The incumbent represents community needs to Mission’s management as well as partner offices in Washington, DC.
  • CLO Coordinator represents Mission management to post community through in-person and virtual meetings, town halls, newsletters, social media outlets, etc.

Education Requirements:

  • The completion of at least two (2) years of college or university studies is required.
  • A minimum of three (3) years of professional experience, including but not limited to administration, office management, customer service, program management, or public policy, is required

Job Knowledge: 

  • A good understanding of the Foreign Service community and the structure of the federal government is required.
  • Knowledge of the general principles of program management and program monitoring is required.
  • Standard knowledge of Microsoft Office is required.
  • Knowledge of the Department of State’s programs and policies pertaining to the CLO Coordinator’s eight Areas of Responsibility (community liaison, crisis management, employment, education, guidance and referral, communications, and outreach, welcoming/orientation/departures, and event planning) is required.

Skills and Abilities: 

  • Incumbents must be able to analyze specific issues and formulate conclusions and recommendations for action.
  • Must be able to work in a high-stress, fast-paced work environment.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, good briefing and writing skills are required.
  • The ability to draft and edit material for correspondence and publication is required.
  • Proficiency in project management, including short-term and long-term projects, is required.
  • The ability to work at a high level with work disruptions and follow an untraditional schedule is required.

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