[Vacancy]: Admin Manager – Operations Needed at Elkins Marine Training International Nigeria Limited

Application deadline closed.

Job Description


  • This post is strictly for professionals and committed people. Do not apply if you are uncertain, underqualified, if you are fear or do not understand a corporate workplace.
  • Do not apply if you have other commitments that will affect your work or performance. *If you live a long distance from work, lack of skill, not fit for work.
  • You are a carer or have others that depend on you daily. If you have another business please do not apply. If you are 100% ready and focused then apply below. Read the requirements first.

Job Summary

  • This role is based on skills, your character, and if you meet the requirements set out by the companies and partners. Please respect the process. The people who have met all requirements get secured. Communication is key all the way.


  • Interested candidates should possess relevant qualifications with 3-15 years experience.
  • You must be excellent at administrative duties.
  • Excellent with Documents
  • Very tidy and organized
  • Excellent with software
  • Excellent communication skills written and spoken
  • Excellent Leadership skills
  • Excellent task management – Get the job done.
  • Excellent time management
  • Excellent at using schedules
  • Very quick at learning an environment – But must have the basics ready to demonstrate.
  • Very fit for work
  • Very career-focused and ready to deliver
  • This role suits a mature and competent individual
  • The applicant must be a very positive and enthusiastic person.
  • Not suitable for a trainee.
  • Not suitable for an opportunist (try my luck)
  • Other trainee roles are open in the other posts.
  • If you are not ready for work do not apply.
  • Any poor skills, dishonesty, bad attitude, or temper is not wanted in these projects.

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