[Internship]: Interns Needed at Rand Merchant Bank

April 16, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Job Description

To deliver on predefined work objectives while gaining structured work experience in the business area

To perform varied tasks which may include research, analysis, administration, process, and project work that add value to the business area

  • Adhere to the organisation’s shared values, and service standards, and Treating Customers Fairly outcomes with regard to customer interaction
  • Resolve customer dissatisfaction or complaints and take ownership of the problem
  • Communicate with customers according to agreed standards
  • Collect customer feedback to help improve customer service
  • Ensure that product knowledge and advice are technically accurate
  • Work with enhanced processes and procedures to maintain operational efficiencies
  • Ensure that quality standards are adhered to
  • Adheres to C policies and procedures
  • Maintain accurate activity reports
  • Investigate innovative ways to optimize processes
  • Contribute to the alignment of business processes to customer service
  • Advise line management on potential opportunities for process and system improvements
  • Demonstrate the shared value of, I get better and better
  • Demonstrate pride in the organisation’s brand services and products by consistently delivering on the brand promise
  • Follow through to ensure that personal quality and productivity standards are consistently and accurately maintained
  • Stay relevant and up to date with legislation and new developments
  • Maintain a positive attitude and respond openly to feedback
  • Handle stress in ways that do not negatively impact others
  • Plan and manage own workflow anticipating obstacles juggling priorities and following through on objectives within agreed time frames and according to quality standards
  • Take ownership of personal career development by leveraging formal and informal opportunities
  • Read situations and organizational realities
  • Set aside personal agenda for the greater good
  • Act in an ethical transparent and morally defensible manner including highlighting unethical practices
  • Share debate and communicate learnings
  • Flag and debate issues constructively
  • Promote a friendly cooperative climate

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