Hiring: Social Media & Communication Specialist (Fully Remote)

What You Should Know About Our Company: WP Media

Founded in 2014 in the beautiful Lyon, France, WP Media is an equal opportunity employer with a distributed team of +35 teammates living around the world.

To excel at this job, you need:

  1. Authenticity: Be yourself. Our team is diverse, emphasizing respect, collaboration, and inclusivity. Working here means connecting with people worldwide, enriching your cultural and professional background.
  2. Exceptional English Proficiency: Your English skills must be impeccable. You should excel in spelling, grammar, and proofreading while ensuring your communication is accessible to non-native English speakers.
  3. Social Media Expertise: You should have proven experience in social media marketing. Your knowledge of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn should be comprehensive, and you should be adept at devising and measuring effective social media strategies.
  4. Communication and Storytelling Skills: Your communication should be open, friendly, and engaging, with the ability to adapt your tone to different platforms and even technical subjects.
  5. Organizational Skills: You must be skilled at multitasking while also knowing when to seek assistance. The team is there to support you, but timely delivery is crucial for seamless collaboration.
  6. Detail-Oriented and Customer-Focused: You should have a keen eye for detail and a sincere commitment to providing excellent customer experiences. Every task should be handled with care, customized to meet customer needs.

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