[Vacancy]: Crew Safety Officers Needed at WTS Energy

April 24, 2024

Job Description

Job Summary

Responsible for all safety and environmental issues on board.

The Safety Officer has ultimate authority, as delegated by OIM, to halt any maintenance job that breaches established safety limits, irrespective of whether it is under PTW or routine procedure, and if permanent crew, Client, or subcontractors are involved. Act as Assistant Mooring on-board export tankers (see Assistant Mooring Master job description). May act as HLO as required

Main Responsibilities

  • To be familiar with rules, regulations, and work procedures applicable to the task to be executed.
  • Manage Permit To Work system on the unit
  • Monitors condition and ensures maintenance of all safety equipment
  • Organises and convenes safety meetings, safety committee meetings, accident prevention committee meetings and prepares minutes of meeting
  • Monitors waste and hazardous material management systems on-board
  • Manage oil and chemical spill clean-up equipment
  • Manage pollution response
  • Monitor all on-board equipment, systems, and procedures to reduce risks for pollution
  • Manages on-board training system and safety drills, including debriefing
  • Manages safety reporting system on the unit
  • Monitor that all gas and oxygen-measuring equipment is well maintained and calibrated as per manufacturer instructions and that personnel assigned to use the equipment are fully trained and supervised
  • Be familiar with H2S hazards and monitor H2S content
  • Upgrade safe work procedures on board as deemed necessary
  • Ensure that personnel executing hazardous work are trained and fully informed of the work procedures and/or quality plans and that they are complied with
  • Monitors crane operations
  • Delegated authority from OIM to ensure that only certified and tested cargo gears in the best and approved working order are used for lifting and personnel transport.
  • Monitors that boat traffic and supply boat operations are well controlled, carried out efficiently and safely
  • Manage export hose connection/disconnection on export tanker
  • Manage Mooring Hawsers connection/disconnection on export tanker
  • Monitor crew lists and other documentation related to FPSO people movement
  • Liaise with OIM regarding the unit security plan

Educational Qualifications:

  • You have a Chief Mate Certificate – STCW95 Reg. II/2 and flag state endorsement of recognition.
  • You meet the requirements for certification as an officer in charge of a navigational watch on ships of 500 gross tonnage or more and have at least 12 months of approved seagoing service in that capacity.
  • You have completed approved education and training and meet the standard of competence specified in section A-II/2 of the STCW code for chief mates on ships of 3000 gross tonnages or more.
  • Excellent command of English written and spoken

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