[Vacancy]: Remote SEO Content Writer Needed at Limepack ApS

June 7, 2024

Job Description

Job Summary

In our newly expanded team of SEO specialists, you will leverage your unique expertise in Blog & Article Creation with either On-page SEO, SERP or Link building, to take Limepack to number one on 30 money keywords by the end of 2024 to become the most trusted knowledge and product partner within the European takeaway packaging industry. The role develops in stages with the first year focused on learning our niche and intensive content creation and content optimization. Content creation will remain the primary focus of your role, but we will increasingly leverage your expertise to achieve the specified outcomes for each position on our path to become number one.


  • You are a self-motivated and creative individual who takes pride in following through on your word.
  • You can confidently and efficiently create written content using AI tools, enabling you to generate a high volume of blog articles in a short period.
  • You set a high bar for yourself and take initiative to achieve your goals. Your dedicated nature ensures that you go the extra-mile to tackle challenges until they are solved.
  • You have excellent communication skills in English (written and spoken) which help you connect to your remote team members and your audience.
  • You can create high quality written content that will grab the reader’s attention, to make sure that Limepack becomes the visitor’s most trusted expert within the takeaway packaging industry.
  • You have experience with working remotely and you’re in love with it.
  • You want to be challenged and stretch yourself at work, but you don’t want work to absorb your life.

Outcomes – what you will achieve – with our support ofc. 

  • Produce 80 pieces of content per month with AI tools.
  • Get 100 overall KW’s ranking no. 1 by the end of 2024
  • Get 30 money KW’s to rank no. 1
  • Depending on your profile you would get one of 3 below missions as well.

Specialist outcomes

  • Links: Produce an outreach programme that gives 20 organic links a month by end of 2025.
  • On-page: Improve average time spent on page from 76 to 100 seconds by the end of 2025.
  • SERP: Improve the overall CTR on our SERP results with 1,2% to 3% by the end of 2025.


  • You have at least 4 years of experience in digital marketing, with at least 2 years focused directly on SEO.
  • You have experience with creating content for a company-blog page with a SEO focus. You know the difference between producing quantitative content and quality content.
  • You have experience with search intent analysis, content structuring and keyword optimization in articles.

You have direct experience with either:

  • Building a programme that gets organic 20 links a month.
  • Growing time spend on page with both written and graphical content
  • SERP optimization with both title and description but also with SERP snippets.


  • A 39-hour a week full-time remote position with a fixed salary according to experience (Mon-Fri, GMT+1 or max 4 hours offset.).
  • Salary span: $750-1500 USD/month depending on experience (Candidate would be responsible for their own taxes, private insurance, and pension savings).
  • We offer 6 weeks of paid time off, pay during sick days and generous paid parental leave.
  • Overtime is generally not expected but would be compensated.
  • 37 Kick-ass and sweet colleagues from all around the world.
  • Challenging work, and a certified Happy Workplace: limepack.com/happy that wins awards for fast growth limepack.com/growth, AND we are just getting started

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