[Vacancy]: Radiographer Needed at Ciuci Consulting

June 11, 2024
Application ends: June 20, 2024
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Job Description

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Setting up examination rooms to prepare for patient examinations.
  • Ensuring patients are comfortable, explaining procedures and positioning patients and equipment correctly.
  • Conducting a range of scans and radiographic tests to produce high-quality x-ray images.
  • Performing diagnostic imaging to generate clear and usable images.
  • Entering commands and data into electronic databases to document and specify scan sequences. You must also monitor the video display to adjust density or contrast.
  • Reporting important information to physicians and updating patient records.
  • Recording imaging identification and patient documentation quickly and accurately while following protocols and maintaining patient confidentiality.
  • Providing patients with support and reassurance, taking into account their physical and psychological needs.
  • Organizing daily procedure schedules for emergencies and monitoring radiographic supplies.
  • Understanding and complying with health and safety regulations, including ionizing radiation regulations, to ensure the protection of yourself and others.
  • Monitoring patients during examinations to ensure their safety and following procedures to prevent unnecessary exposure to radiation.
  • Performing administrative tasks such as answering technical questions, scheduling appointments, and providing pre-procedure advice.
  • Performing scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs on radiographic equipment.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Radiography or any equivalent qualification and registered with the Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria (RRBN)
  • Minimum of 3 years post NYSC experience as a radiographer
  • Must have current practicing license.
  • Must be efficient in the use of highly technical medical imaging equipment.
  • Must be computer savvy.

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