[Vacancy]: Customer Service Representative Needed at Air Peace

May 27, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description


  • The pivotal role of a Customer Service Representative (CSR) is to support customers by providing valuable information, answering queries, and addressing complaints.
  • The core objective of the CSR is to ensure optimal customer satisfaction with the services offered by APL It is essential for the CSR to maintain a diplomatic, respectful. and tactful approach in all situations.
  • Additionally, the CSR is accountable for defining and implementing standards and minimum tumaround times for various products and services within their unit.
  • It is imperative for the CSR to keep a record of these standards and ensure their adherence.
  • The CSR also facilitates customers in obtaining specialized services from other banks and assists them with specific inquiries or service problems.


.Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

First Point Of Contact:

  • You will be responsible for providing support to customers through various channels, including face-to-face, telephone, letter, email, and portal. You will need to be proficient in all these communication channels and provide prompt and effective assistance to customers.

Channel Shift Champion:

  • You will need to promote customer enablement and self-service by demonstrating and coaching customers in the use of self-service tools.
  • You should also be able to signpost customers to information within the airport as required.

Basic Advice And Problem-solving:

  • You will be required to provide basic advice and resolve customer inquiries based on readily available information or scripts. You should be able to identify and escalate complex issues to the appropriate department or team member.

Customer Intelligence:

  • You will also need to collect customer intelligence to support service improvements and make recommendations to management on ways to improve customer service.

Customer Surveys And Commercial Calls:

  • You may be required to undertake customer surveys, campaigns, and commercial calls to support the corporate aims of the business.
  • In addition to the above, you will also be responsible for greeting customers warmly, understanding their problems or reasons for approaching you, and communicating important information related to flights, fares, schedules, gates, and flight arrivals and departures.

Customer Database Management:

  • It is important to maintain a record of all the interactions you have with customers to have clarity on their requirements and preferences.
  • This will help you provide better services in the future.
  • Process Customer Complaints And File Documents For References:
  • It is essential to address customer complaints with utmost priority and provide prompt solutions. Keeping a record of these complaints will help in identifying common issues and providing better solutions.
  • Identify Opportunities To Improve Customer Experience And Increase Satisfaction:
  • It is important to be proactive and identify areas where the customer experience can be improved. This will help in increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty towards the company.
  • Complete documentation and perform point-of-sale processing on all new passengers:
  • As a customer service representative, it is your responsibility to complete all the necessary documentation and processing for new bookings.
  • Respond to incoming calls in a courteous and professional manner, providing prompt assistance and resolving any issues or complaints.
  • Greet customers warmly and listen attentively to their concerns, providing friendly and helpful guidance to help them reach a resolution.
  • Inform customers of any flight delays or cancellations, and work to rebook them according to company policy while ensuring clear and accurate communication.
  • Provide accurate and up-to-date information on fares, schedules, gates, and flight status, and respond to general inquiries in a friendly and informative manner.
  • Write to customers in a professional and empathetic manner to address complaints and assure them that their concerns are being investigated, escalating issues to managers as needed.
  • Use active listening and problem-solving skills to proactively identify customer needs and provide prompt and effective solutions, building strong relationships of trust and loyalty.


  • Minimum of HND and/or bachelor’s degree in any related field of study and certification.
  • Must not be more than 35 years old.
  • Having a Customer Service Experience is an added advantage.
  • Fully conversant with the airline reservation & ticketing environment is an added advantage.
  • Ability to multitask and remain calm under pressure, especially during peak hours or intense situations.
  • Exceptional customer service, problem-solving, verbal, and written communication, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Proficiency with the necessary technology, including computers, software applications, phone systems, etc.
  • Fluent in English Language and any other language is an additional advantage.
  • Expert knowledge of customer service principles.
  • Strong problem-solving, technical, and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to effectively interact with a diverse range of customers and personnel.


  • Number of Customer Service complaints per period.
  • Customer satisfaction levels.
  • Timely response to resolving customers’ complaints.

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