[Vacancy]: Training Manager Needed at Brit Property Nigeria

April 12, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Job Details

  • Review current training initiatives and make recommendations for improvements and changes to suit changing client, organizational, and industry demands while also enhancing learning and retention.
  • Manage the training department and institute as a whole and the delivery of its training program
  • Verify the effectiveness and accuracy of training materials and programs
  • Maintain knowledge of new training methods, strategies, and standards that apply to the organization and sector
  • Identify issues and potential solutions, such as operational modifications or market advancements that training could address
  • Organize or lead necessary training sessions
  • Organize employee registration for external relevant programs
  • Keep to the allocated training budget while making sure that training milestones and goals are accomplished
  • Communicate clearly with the team, the trainers, and the management
  • Develop a curriculum based on the objectives of the organization to enable strategic training
  • Manage the technical resources and staff needed to create, evidence, and deliver training
  • Keep up with the latest training trends, innovations, and best practices
  • Conducting orientation programs and arranging on-the-job training for new hires
  • Organize meetings with management before preparing course materials to ensure a detailed understanding of training subjects and processes
  • Collect information from senior management and other departments regarding how well employees retain information and use the concepts learned in training courses
  • Administer tests after the completion of training courses to determine the effectiveness of training strategies
  • Collaborate with vendors/educational institutes to arrange employee registration for and participation in outside training programs
  • Pro-actively manage & develop the training institute to meet financial targets
  • Set up and manage Brit training institute
  • Implement the institute’s plans and programs to ensure effectiveness
  • Market, sell, and organize Implementing Training Programs, forums and conferences
  • Develop new business opportunities and propositions for the institute
  • Generate revenue from the training institute
  • Formulate policies and make decisions on training matters and strategy
  • Prepares business plans that support the operation of the training institute
  • Make at least one direct sale every quarter
  • Submit weekly report to reporting line with the compliance Manager in copy
  • Other duties as directed by the Management

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