[Vacancy]: Mobile Engineer – Flutter Needed at Kredete

April 10, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

About Job

  • We are looking for a skilled Flutter Mobile Developer to join our team.
  • As a Flutter Mobile Developer, you will be responsible for developing cross-platform mobile applications using the Flutter framework. You will collaborate with our design and development teams to create high-quality, user-friendly mobile applications.


  • Develop cross-platform mobile applications using the Flutter framework
  • Collaborate with designers to implement user interfaces that are intuitive and visually appealing
  • Work closely with backend developers to integrate mobile applications with server-side systems
  • Write clean, maintainable code and conduct thorough code reviews
  • Optimize application performance for maximum speed and scalability
  • Implement best practices for mobile application development
  • Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and trends in mobile development
  • Troubleshoot and debug issues as they arise


  • Proficiency in Dart programming language
  • 2 – 3 Years Experience with the Flutter framework and building cross-platform mobile applications
  • Experience with Codemagic CI/CD and GitHub actions
  • Experience with CodePush (Shorebird)
  • Experience with Deep Linking
  • Experience using Firebase Services
  • Experience with Internationalization
  • Experience with Localization
  • Experience with tooling
  • Some native experience (Kotlin/Swift)
  • Strong understanding of mobile app development concepts and best practices
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs and JSON
  • Knowledge of state management techniques such as Provider or Bloc pattern
  • Experience with version control systems (e.g., Git)
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field (preferred)
  • Experience with native mobile development (e.g., iOS with Swift/Objective-C, Android with Java/Kotlin)
  • Knowledge of mobile app testing frameworks and tools
  • Understanding of design principles and user experience concepts
  • Familiarity with continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines
  • Contributions to open-source Flutter projects or personal Flutter projects/portfolio
  • Must have published multiple apps to both AppStore and Google Playstore
  • A GitHub repository that shows your current level using Flutter
  • Deep experience with writing Tests


  • Base salary
  • Team and task-based bonuses
  • Free donuts at random times.

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