[Vacancy]: Division Manager, Corporate Application Services (TCIS.1) Needed at African Development Bank – AfDB

April 24, 2024

Job Description

The Complex

  • The Vice-Presidency, Technology and Corporate Services (TCVP) is responsible for the design, development, and delivery of efficient, people-centered, client-oriented, corporate services and information technology solutions to ensure overall institutional effectiveness in all aspects of the Bank’s corporate services.
  • The Complex provides leadership in the formulation and implementation of the Bank’s strategies, policies, controls, and approaches to organizational information technology systems, software applications, cyber security, IT support, and infrastructure systems.
  • The Complex is also responsible for the management of the Bank’s real estate assets, institutional procurement, language services, and business continuity

The Hiring Department / Division

  • The mandate of the Corporate Information Technology Services (TCIS) Department is to advise the Bank’s Management and provide technical leadership in the continuous improvement of the Bank’s information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and its computing, knowledge, and data storage systems. The Department is also mandated to provide technical services to all organizational units in the Bank and its Regional Centres, Country Offices, and External Representation Offices on cost-effective ICT and computing business solutions for their work programs. In the fulfillment of those mandates, the Department leads the acquisition and adaptation, or the in-house development, of ICT and computing platforms and collaboration tools to enhance the efficiency of business processes and the quality of Bank products through more effective file sharing and to increase the Bank’s organizational effectiveness through seamless communications.
  • The Corporate Applications Services Division (TCIS1) is responsible for Software solutions development in line with the needs and requests of various Complexes/Departments/Functions of the Bank. This involves enhancement to existing software or the architecture, design, and build of new solutions in its entirety. Inclusive of these are building codes to achieve integration of AfDB systems to various third-party providers. The Division will also house the Technology Innovation Centre, which will focus on research, development, testing, co-creating, and introduction of innovative solutions and new technologies – Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things, Drones, Process Automation, Blockchain, etc. to enhance the objectives of the bank. This will include partnering internally with other Complexes/Departments and with third parties, including big Techs, Fintechs, Telcos, Government Agencies, and other partners.

The Position

  • The Corporate Application Services Manager TCIS1 is responsible for leading and directing the overall determination and delivery of technology programs and projects pertaining to the Bank’s applications and innovation center, resulting in maximum business benefit in a cost-effective and timely manner.
  • The individual is responsible for serving as the strategic interface with business units for business solution discovery, application development, service, risk, and relationship management.
  • They also have overall responsibility for the innovation centre and serve as the business relationship link between the business units and IT, at the executive level, for portfolio management and departmental budget matters. Take the lead in co-creation and innovation both with internal – Operations, Finance, etc., and external – Fintechs, Telcos, Big Techs, etc.
  • The job holder directs and coordinates the ‘Build the Bank’ capability encompassing aspects such as Portfolio, Program and Project Management, Governance, Budgeting, and the development of appropriate business and technology solutions.

The job holder’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Establish the ‘Build the Bank’ roadmap, plan, and governance to reflect the project portfolio agreed upon by the ISSC, balanced against benefits, cost, risk, and requirements.
  • Undertake the implementation of packaged applications and the development of custom applications in response to the needs of the Bank – is responsible for the full Systems Lifecycle (PDLC / SDLC).
  • Establish strong business relationships between the TCIS team and key business stakeholders in support of both the Business Strategy and IT Strategy objectives.
  • Build and manage the project/program management office/function for IT.
  • Participate in long-range IT strategic planning and manage policy development to address complex business issues.
  • Provide leadership to cross-functional teams, including consultants and Interns.   
  • Establish agile processes in support of the ‘Build the Bank’ agenda and the execution of the Road Map.
  • Identify and propose innovative technology adoption that will add value to the Bank’s operations.
  • Ensure that quality standards and measures are prescribed and adhered to with the PDLC / SDLC and are continually improved where required.

Key Functions

Under the leadership of the Senior Director, TCIS, the Division Manager’s Corporate Application Services duties include the following:
Portfolio Management:

  • Accountable for engaging with the business Relationship Managers (CIOs) to determine the pipeline of demand for applications and development and maintain the roadmap in response to changing business needs.
  • Convert that pipeline into transparent, agreed business priorities encompassing both programs and projects and small changes/enhancements.
  • Accountable for presenting development/applications road map progress to the business, gaining agreement for business support for each project at appropriate stages of the lifecycle.
  • Work with Client Services to ensure that appropriate release management controls and gates are put in place, encompassing both project activities and support/maintenance activities that may fall into the same release.
  • Plan, direct, and coordinate activities to manage inter-related programs and projects across the full software development life cycle.

Solutions Delivery:

  • Day-to-day responsibility for the delivery of high-quality technology solutions that meet the business needs of the Bank across the department.
  • Define, design, agree, and implement an effective solutions delivery capability across TCIS to ensure timely and cost-effective implementation of business/technology solutions that fully align with business requirements.
  • Manage distributed teams, including Third Party Vendors and Outsourced Partners, to guarantee deliverables to scope, benefit, time, budget, risk, and quality objectives – as defined in the “Vendor Ownership Plan,” which stipulates which role in TCIS owns the relationship with vendors.
  • Ensure that quality activities and measures are thematic, followed, and reported upon at each major project checkpoint – proactively in the stage ahead of the quality activities being performed. Identified quality defects should be resolved at the source, preventing reoccurrence on the current project and for subsequent initiatives.
  • Ensure that Architecture decisions are adhered to throughout the development/testing phases of projects.
  • Ensure that development standards are defined, produced, and adhered to, using peer review and other techniques to ensure quality control is applied to solutions development.
  • Ensure that developed solutions are production strength before they are handed over to Production and business-as-usual operations.
  • Manage the solutions delivery budget, ensuring accurate and timely reporting on expenditure, including time recording within the PPM / Timesheet system.
  • Ensure that the appropriate development methodology is agreed at the outset of each project and is revised again at the beginning of each project stage/phase (e.g., Waterfall vs. Agile).
  • Ensure that Prototypes (or Proofs of Concept) are utilized for appropriate solutions.
  • Ensure that developed solutions are adequately resourced through any agreed warranty period, supporting Client Services throughout the warranty period.

Performance Management:

  • Develop, review, manage, set, and measure objectives and motivate team members to successfully accomplish program, project, and change objectives and personal advancement objectives.
  • Conduct regular reviews of program and project management methodologies to drive a culture of continuous improvement behaviors.
  • Conduct regular reviews of program and project progress to ensure that TCIS plans are being met and that risks/issues are raised to the Program / Project Management / Sponsor communities, leading to effective, timely mitigation and resolution strategies.
  • Conduct post-implementation and ‘Lessons Learned’ reviews, ensuring that the department fully implements any suggested improvements to drive efficiencies and reduce errors.
  • Work with Program / Project Managers to allocate resources to appropriate work assignments.
  • Accountable for ensuring that TCIS skill levels are continuously challenged and improved with specific reference to leveraging existing strategic technologies and identifying new technologies that may prove advantageous to the Bank.

Competencies (Skills, Experience, and Knowledge)

  • At least a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Software Development, or related Business fields, with a Certification in any of – Architecture (TOGAF 9.0+), ITIL 3+, Software development/Testing.
  • At least eight (8) years of progressive experience in a similar position with at least three (3) years of experience in management with a track record in people management and coaching.
  • Experience in financial management practice, principles, methods, techniques, and tools for the preparation, tracking, and maintenance of budget systems.
  • Experience in reconciling department budgets to minimize costs ensure cost-effectiveness and manage both CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Ability to motivate people to accomplish desired goals, including planning, organizing, acquiring, leading, directing, and controlling resources.
  • Oversee the entire process or function of acquiring products or services to support business operations.
  • Define and implement techniques for ensuring that full account is taken of customers’ real and stated needs in the delivery of products and services.
  • Carry out preliminary analysis of possible alternative solutions to problems and make recommendations on the best alternative.
  • Be aware of the relevant national and international legislation. E.g., the Data Protection Act, and EU Procurement Directive.
  • Communicate and write effectively in French or English, with a good working knowledge of the other language.
  • Competence in the use of standard Microsoft Office Suite applications and SAP, Financial applications, and PPM (e.g., PlanView, Microsoft Project Server).

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